DoDaDog is a joint venture between Mindsizzlers LLP and Sorted Productions Ltd. We think we’ve created the world’s first social networking site for dog lovers; our service perfectly demonstrates Mindsizzlers’ aim in ‘Bringing Ideas to Life’. We were approached with a seed idea which we turned into a fully fledged social network which makes heavy use of geographical data to link local dog owners and share information on dog friendly places to walk and visit.

Behind DoDaDog are some serious aims. DoDaDog promotes responsible dog ownership, gives health information and advice to dog owners through informative and fun videos and public forums, and operates the world’s first real time dog rescue service. Find My Dog is an SOS alert network for dog owners who lose their pets either whilst out walking, or from their gardens. Who better to help locate a lost dog in those first vital moments than other dog owners out walking their pets?

More than anything, DoDaDog is a global service promoting local networks.

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