Golden Hour

The popular website now has it’s own iPhone application.

The sun clock screen shows how the earth looks right now. Note that unlike most sun clocks, we also show you where it is golden hour using our colour coded sections. The maps are from NASA’s Blue Marble collection and we show a different map for every month of the year so you can watch the snow come and go around the planet. Double tap the screen for options and tap once to set a new location.

The Golden Hour display uses the same graphical format as the website to show you the altitude of the sun during the day. Using the slider you can select any day in the current year so you can see how the golden hour changes. You can also just nudge up or down one day by tapping the screen below the horizon to the left or right.

As well as the graphical display, there is a comprehensive data display that can be revealed simply by tapping on the screen above the horizon.

Our location database is second to none! We have almost 50,000 villages, towns and cities for every known country and territory and have processed the data to ensure even the smallest Island has a presence in the list of places. To make the fully indexed and searchable list more interesting, we show you the country flags too!

But that’s not all – we also have a comprehensive Sun Angle screen allowing you to check out where the sun is in the sky at any time of day by using the slider. Great for photographers and architects alike!

A free lite version of The Golden Hour is also available from the app store. It only shows you data for the current day and you can’t select locations from our extensive database, but it gives you a flavour of the full application at no cost.

Click to download the PDF case study

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