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A new beginning for Rog & Stu

A new beginning for Rog & Stu

Mindsizzlers, what’s that all about then? Well, back in the autumn of 2008, Stu & I decided to leave ChilliBean, the company I founded some 5 years ago. The plan was to leverage our expertise into new areas and when we were looking for a name for the venture, serendipity struck – let me explain.

I first met Stuart some 3 years back through a mutual contact at Ogilvy. Stuart had just left the company he had helped to found, Beam.TV and I was finishing off the technical installation on a new in-house post-production facility called Domain. Nicole at Ogilvy suggested that we should meet as she thought our minds would go “fizz” …

Fast forward to the end of 2008 and the hunt for a new name was on, primary concern of course was a name we could use online too and my genius marketing girlfriend casually mentioned mindsizzler … well, the serendipity of minds fizzing and minds sizzling was too much to ignore and hence, mindsizzlers was born.

It promises to be a fun journey …

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