Amazon Cloud

Roger is the Mindsizzlers cloud computing expert and in particular, an advocate of the Amazon Cloud. All our solutions are now built entirely on Amazon’s cloud platform and we can assist you in the areas detailed below. Contact us if you require training or assistance in setting up inside an Amazon cloud environment.

Amazon EC2

EC2 is Amazon’s on-demand cloud compute platform and we have expertise in building and configuring instances for linux (CentOS, Redhat, Ubuntu) as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2003. We have used EC2 to rescue services falling offline due to demand spikes and have used the scaling capabilities to turn services running on 1 server into services deployed on a grid of 20 servers within a matter of minutes. By building all our own services on EC2 we ensure we keep on top of the latest developments.

Amazon SQS

The SQS service is the glue behind all of our cloud services that require offline processing to be handled by a scalable number of processing agents. For example we use it to manage the workflow for our thumbnail generation service and our backup solutions.

Amazon SimpleDB

SimpleDB is Amazon’s hugely scalable simple database solution that we have devoted a lot of time to becoming fluent with. is built entirely on top of SimpleDB and we are now experts in mapping complex data structures into a form that SimpleDB can work with.  We also launched the world’s first online backup solution for SimpleDB during 2009.

Free SimpleDB Backup Tool

Free SimpleDB Backup Tool

Amazon S3

S3 is Amazon’s scalable storage solution and we use it for storing all our permanent data. We are also familiar with using Amazon Cloudfront to add low latency content delivery network capabilities to Amazon S3 domains.

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