Archive Digitising

Both Stuart and Roger have expertise in developing workflows and systems for bringing archives to life in the digital world. Often this task involves taking old, often hand-written information, and then transforming it into data that is suitable for online use.

An example of such a project would be the work we undertook for The History of Advertising Trust while we were working at ChilliBean. The project involved bringing the Arrows Archive online, an archive of tens of thousands of award winning and award nominated commercials that stretched back over 30 years.

The Arrows Archive

The Arrows Archive

What made this project complicated was the variation in the original data sources. Some of the information was typed, some was available in computer formats, some was online with other computer systems but much was hand written.  Stuart and Roger devised a solution that scanned original documents, outsourced the transformation of the scanned documents into industry standard XML and then cleaned the data prior to import into the online solution that exists on the web today.

From sourcing the expertise in the handling of the original documents, to devising data structures and writing custom perl code to wrangle the data, this project is typical of our experience in managing diverse data sets and unifying them into a working solution.

You can visit the archive online at

Contact us if you require assistance in digitising an archive.

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