Stuart has many years of experience with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite; Roger has years of experience with MySQL, SQLite and, more recently, cloud databases such as Amazon SimpleDB. From schema design, performance tuning and query optimisation through scaling, sharding and replication, you can be confident that Mindsizzlers can develop database solutions that are robust AND fast.

We offer services to:-

  • Select the right database
  • Design database schemas or schema-less databases
  • Train developers in basic and advanced SQL
  • Undertake database optimisations
  • Migrate databases between versions, platforms or vendors
  • Advise on or install replication, sharding or other scaling techniques

Contact us if you would like any assistance with your database projects.

Relational Database Experience


Imagevault, the digital library solution used by Ogilvy London from 2004-2009. Developed by Roger Moffatt using MySQL., the digital asset management solution developed by Stuart Peters using PostgreSQL and later migrated to Oracle.

ChilliVault / SohoSoHo, the digital asset management solution developed by Roger and Stuart while they ran ChilliBean in London. Database systems powered by MySQL.


ToucanLearn, online learning resource for preschool children created by Stuart utilising MySQL.


EPRESS peer review, journal management system created by Stuart, originally on PostgreSQL.

Cloud Database Experience is built entirely on top of Amazon’s SimpleDB cloud database solution., one of Mindsizzlers services, was the world’s first online tool for backing up SimpleDB and naturally relies on SimpleDB for all it’s data storage.

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