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Our shop is now open!

Yes, it’s true. We might be an innovation consultancy but we have in fact just opened our first shop over at print on demand specialists Cafe Press to showcase our high resolution Wordles generated automatically from the complete works of William Shakespeare!

Visit our shop

Visit our shop

“Wordle” what’s that all about then?

You may have already come across wordles on the web when they appeared in the press earlier in the year. A wordle is a graphic layout of text where the size of a word is in proportion to its frequency in a document.

Here’s an example;

The Merry Wives of Windsor in 100 words

The Merry Wives of Windsor in 100 words

How did you do it?

The credit belongs to Jonathan Feinberg who wrote the original java application for generating a wordle. Although it looks simple, there is some complex mathematics going on under the hood and whilst I’d love to say we wrote it, we didn’t. What we did do was read the public domain text of the complete words of Shakespeare, parse the data to drop stage directions and so forth and then feed the text into a wordle generator written by Jonathan (see, told you he was the key to it all), kindly licensed by IBM and available on their alphaworks site here. We then generated 60 wordles of each play to pick the layouts we liked most and then built a shop so we could share them with you.

As a side note it’s worth mentioning that the images we use for the shop are special high resolution files generated at print resolutions and not simply web images taken from the wordle website.

What about the images, can I use them?

Absolutely, you are free to use the images under the same terms that wordle.net licenses them to us. Please read the FAQ on usage here.


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